Sidepiece Showdown: The Most Notorious (Alleged) Celebrity Mistresses And Jumpoffs

- By Bossip Staff

gabrielle union

It’s time to look at some famous homewreckers!

Jumpoffs ruined relationships, went on twitter rants and gained all around fame just from being jumpoffs.

Let’s take a look at all the most important side pieces in history from NBA to rappers to everywhere else. Here’s the ultimate sidepiece guide.

jessica burciaga

Jessica Burciaga – Kobe’s jumpoff is possibly the reason he and Vanessa’s marriage ended. Is that tale worth $75 million?

Pic via Doll Swimwear


Ciara – Rumor is that she was LeBron’s jumpoff and made her rounds across the NBA. But who knows.

Pic via King


Amelia Vega – The former Miss Universe straight up took Atlanta Hawk Al Horford from his fiance and they got hitched.


Gabrielle Union – She took Dwyane and made him her own.

Pic via Maxim


Krissy Freiberg – She’s Kevin Garnet’s side piece who was even allegedly confronted by his wife! But apparently they came together years ago and are still going strong.

Pic via Myspace

tony parker

Erin Parker – She was married to a Spurs player and was cheating on him with the married Tony Parker. That’s a double dog.

eva longoria

Eva Longoria – And she was apparently booing up with Matt Barnes. Guess she was paying it forward.

Pic via Maxim

vanessa lopez

Vanessa Lopez – She was Shaq’s side piece that he went crazy and stalked…chill out Diesel.

sheneka adams

Sheneka Adams – She went on Twitter to tell the world that she was chopping down Carmelo Anthony. Lala might whoop her arse.

Pic via Instagram

evelyn lozada

Evelyn Lozada – She’s admitted to being a side piece, even nabbing Tammi’s ex husband behind her back. Dirty.

Pic via Wenn

kobe bryan

Katelyn Faber – Kobe’s Colorado jumpoff damn near ruined his career!


Angelina Jolie – She’s easily the most famous, luring Pitt away from Aniston big time.


Leann Rimes – She was married. Cibran was married. But they mixed it up and got married anyway.

kat von d

Kat Von D – Jesse James left his Oscar winning wife for this slorebag. Fancy move, buddy.


Claire Danes – She snatched Billy Crudup away from super hot Mary Louise-Parker from Weeds.


Jennifer Lopez – Marc Anthony (yes, he’s an actor too) left his boo for J. Lo. See how that turned out…

rose mcgowan

Rose McGowan – She stole her director, Rober Rodriguez, from his wife while they were filming a movie together. Scandalous!

dean hines

E’Dena Hines – Get this: she’s his step granddaughter! And they had an affair. That’s effing disgusting.


Julia Riley – She’s one of Eric Benet’s mistresses when he was with Hollyweird’s hottest diva Halle Berry. We don’t know what she looks like but she damn sure can’t look like Halle.

sara leal

Sara Leal – She’s Ashton Kutcher’s hot tub ho and she used it to make her as famous as possible. Which is, not much.

lil kim

Lil Kim – Her affair with Biggie was something of legend. They even made a movie about it!

charli bmore

Charli Baltimore – She was another of Big’s side chicks that got caught. He did have them calling him Big Poppa.


Superhead – She wrote a whole book about her mistress ways. Nope…not a ho at all.


Kimbella – She admitted on Love and Hip-Hop that she had an affair with Fabolous. She announced her side piecery on national TV.

kat stacks

Kat Stacks – Whatever happened to her?


Hoopz – Allegedly she caused quite the issue in T.I. and Tiny’s relationship and their impending nuptials.


Cassie – She made Diddy forget that Kim Porter even existed for a little bit. Are those tiny cakes that awesome?


Cameron Diaz – And when he was done with Cassie, he moved to Cameron.

keys beatz

Alicia Keys – She straight yanked him from Mashonda like he was a loose basketball. Not a single damn was given.


Kimmy Cakes – According to Amber Rose, she was getting chopped down by Yeezy behind Amber’s back.


Chelsea Handler – She had 50 sprung and forgetting about Ciara. Then she kicked him to the curb.


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