Can’t Get It Up: 10 Foods That Might Be Choking The Life Out Of Your…Libido

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Great for fiber, digestion, nutrients, but terrible for gettin BUSY!

Here was a hilarious story behind this “chop”-blocker food:

In 1863 (so about four decades after Graham), a guy named James Caleb Jackson made the first cold cereal in America. He called it granula — it was basically crushed graham crackers — and, he believed, its grain-based tastelessness would help make people less sexual.

One of the people who liked Jackson’s ideas was Ellen White, the eventual founder of Seventh Day Adventism. She started the first sanitarium in Battle Creek — the one that Kellogg would ultimately run. And when he did start running the place, he liked the idea for granula so much that he stole it and started marketing it.

Jackson sued him over the name, so Kellogg changed it to granola… did a better job of marketing it… and eventually became the go-to guy for granola.


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