Cake Cake Cake Cake! The Stars With The Wildest Birthday Parties

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rihanna Who likes to blow the candles? We all love birthdays don't we? We just can't usually afford to spend a million bucks or go to jail after a crazy night. These stars can and they have a blast! Check out their cakes and stories of wild nights.
diddy Diddy - When Diddy turned 40, he had a company turn the venue into a fantasy land with mazes, models and Ciroc. The whole thing cost more than $2 million.
rihanna Rihanna's 24th party - Just this week she had a joint-cake. But the craziest part was that she invited Chris Brown and had him rubbing up on her. Ballsy. Pic via TMZ
rihanna Rihanna's 23rd - She celebrated by going on stage and touching herself in front a huge crowd full of families and got in trouble for it. Plus the usual Rihanna debauchery.
kate moss Kate Moss - When she turned 35, she had a three-day party with pigs, deer heads and medieval themes. Three days. No sleep.
lebron LeBron James - Cocky much? Bron Bron spent 100K on this cake to call himself the king.
miley cyrus Miley Cyrus - Penis cake. That's all you need to know. Pic via TMZ
elton john Elton John - Look at how he dressed when he turned 50! Pic via Daily Mail
paris hilton Paris Hilton - When she turned 21 she had a party in Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and London. No party in Paris, though. But we're sure plenty of people have had parties in Paris. *cough*.
oprah Oprah - She had a series of episodes around her birthday and invited the most powerful people in the world to celebrate. Swag.

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