Don “Cortez” Cornelius Facing 5 yrs

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According to Livesteez, The Don, at 72, was just popped for beating his chick’s @ss at his crib in Van Nuys, CA and is facing serious time:

Don Cornelius, former host of “Soul Train,” has been charged in connection with two domestic incidents involving his wife last month by the Los Angeles city attorney. Cornelius was charged with spousal battery, assault with a deadly weapon and dissuading a witness from making a police report, all misdemeanors, city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said Friday. The married 72-year-old producer was taken to jail last month after police were called to his Hollywood Hills home following a report of domestic dispute, The Assoicated Press is reporting. Cornelius was released on $50,000 bail. He could face up to one year in prison for each of the five misdemeanor charges.

The Don is stuck in a time when you would be able to hit that pipe all night, whoop some tail in a crack stuper, then wake up the next day like nothing happened. It’s a new day, so get it together, old man. SMH



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  • Tee

    Who cares. He gets what he deserves.

  • Aunt Viv

    No love, no peace, no soooouuuulll Don Cornelius!

    So disappointed.

  • jdmann




  • Stion

    Top Ten… too bad

  • The_Truth

    ***He paid good money to have those white-tittys look good on the red-carpet. . .

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    He’s rich, he wont do one day in jail, if you get a divorce dont forget to repo those titties Don!

  • & (The Blogger Formerly Known as And...) Since we creating alter egos & ish. I

    He could have at least been dating the Oriental lady with the long hair….

    She deserves something for all that work & hair swanging she put in.

  • sepia830

    @ Its6amHoGetOut

    if you get a divorce dont forget to repo those titties Don!


    damn. lmao.

  • chaka1

    That’s just stank.

  • whatever

    it’s stupor – not stuper

  • v-fromrock

    Ohh no not the Soooooul Train host. What in the heck is going on.

  • Playlist

    His wife got some nice titties


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