Some Afternoon Cakes: Did 50 Cent’s Jawn Daphne Joy Swing A Three-Way With Brazilian Banger Suelyn Medeiros And Her Boxer Boo Thang???

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Would you like some tea with your cakes??? The latest issue of the prestigious Black Men’s Magazine features a double cover with both Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros, whose recent accomplishments include being arrested for DUI after smashing a Lamborghini into a Mercedes and and releasing a lil freaky home video and 50 Cent’s lil freakazoid Daphne Joy.

And if the sight of those two with their cakes out doesn’t get you excited, here’s a lil story we heard that surely will. According to Bossip sources, the night of Suelyn’s birthday the ladies were hanging out in LA clubs with the boxer from Suelyn’s naughty tape. And we hear the three continued to partay into the evening well into the wee hours of the night way after the clubs were closed. Hmmm where do you go after the club is closed eh? Sounds like a wild night of freaky times to us!

As for Daphne, for those who don’t know, before getting scooped up by 50 Cent she dated comedian DeRay Davis for several years, however she confided to friends that for the entire relationship he ran through many of her so called model friends in the industry making her look foolish and played. Towards the rocky end of their relationship Daphne met Fiddy through a cover photo-shoot with Smooth Magazine. Allegedly, DeRay was super salty over the whole situation and threatened to blackball Daphne and leak a naughty video of his own which she appeared in, however an alleged phone call from someone in Curtis’ camp, warning DeRay to back off “or else” put a stop to that.

Sources also say witnesses saw 50, in Miami the same time as DeRay, tell someone “I’m about to fly his b*tch out here”. Oooooh.

Drama! In the meantime, Daphne isn’t sure if she’ll be attending the Black Men’s Mag cover release party with Suelyn because of all the recent scandal.

Well the only part of this we don’t believe is the idea of a video model being scared of a lil scandal! Y’all know them hoes don’t be trippin’ off that isht!

But damn, from DeRay to 50 Cent? Now that’s a come up for that a$$!

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