Love & Hip-Hop’s Badazz Brawlin’ Banger Erica Mena Says She Wants To Be The Next Amber Rose: “Her Style Is Amazing… I Love Her”

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Love & Hip-Hop Badazz Brawlin' Banger Erica Mena Says She Wants To Be The Next Amber Rose: "Her Style Is Amazing... I Love Her"

Shoot high but aim low huh?

Love & Hip-Hop’s Erica Mena says she doesn’t mind being compared to Amber Rose who she describes as “amazing”…

“Modeling is always going to be my first love, I’ve been modeling since I was 16, so it’s been a big part of my life,” Erica said.

“I think where I’m coming from with the music is definitely going to be different. I’m not really worried about being compared to someone like Amber Rose. Her style and work ethic right now is amazing. I don’t find it insulting to be compared to Amber Rose. I love her. I definitely think once people hear the sound, I think I’ll be able to build my own category of my own.”

Yes children, who says you have to aspire to be like a lawyer or even doctor?

No! Every little girl hopes of one say becoming a video slore and then turning that non successful career into reality tv stardom where millions of people will tune in every week to watch you fight other slores for: child support checks, ham sammiches and club hosting gigs.

What an inspiration SMH


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