Jamie Foxx Gets Chiseled For New Role

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Jamie got all cut up for his new role:

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx bit into the role of a schizophrenic musician for his latest movie The Soloist – by chiseling his perfect teeth. Foxx was determined to create a realiztic portrayal of Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless American musician who suffered from schizophrenia, so he took the tool to his mouth to mess up his good looks.

The actor explains to Maxim magazine, “I spent hours getting the nuances of the person, making him real. Something angelic happens and you actually become that person. For Nathaniel, I pushed things a bit. I lost about 20 pounds and I put a gap in my teeth. I had one (of my teeth) chipped out with a chisel. My teeth are just so big and white – a homeless person would never have them. I wanted to break up my big, shining piano keys to five them a little character. Some might think I f—ed up my grill for nothing, but I just wanted to come up with some s— to make the part unique.”

When they said chiseled, we didn’t know they were talking about his d@mn teeth. You’ll never accuse Jamie Foxx of not going the extra mile to get into character. Those things could have used a little chiseling anyway.

A big improvement for Jaimie..he has come a long way.



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