True Or False: Is “Catch Fade” Gabe Writing A Tell-All Book About His Rocky Relationship With Halle Berry?

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True Or False: Is "Catch Fade" Gabe Planning To Write A Tell-All Book About His Rocky Relationship With Halle Berry?

Another case of when the swirl goes very, very, very bad…

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, is being urged to write a tell-all expose of his rocky relationship with the actress by his close friends, because they are tired of the model being trashed in the media.

According to Radaronline reports:

Gabriel is being urged to write a no-holds barred book about what his relationship with Halle was really about,” a source close to the situation tells “From what I can tell, Halle has to be in control at all times, period. It’s the reason that they broke up, because he just couldn’t handle being under her thumb like that. Gabe feels that relationships are about treating each other equally, but in it seems that in Halle’s romantic relationships, this isn’t the case.

“Gabe’s friends want the world to know the real Halle Berry. However, Gabriel has had many offers to write books and give interviews in exchange for a big payday, but he has turned them all down.

One day, Nahla is going to be old enough to understand what was going on between her parents, and he wants to be able to look his daughter in the eye, and say everything he has done, has been for her. Writing a book would be a great way to get back at Halle, but what would that get him? Gabe always thinks of his daughter when making any decision. Halle should count her lucky stars that her ex is being a gentleman, especially under these circumstances.”

It’s nice to think Gabe wouldn’t write the book because of Nahla BUUUUUUUUUUUUT money talks and we’re sure that’s one failed swirly relationship people would love to read about. Would you read the tell-all?


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