Who’s Going to See It??

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Will Smith was in Miami for the premiere of his new movie, Seven Pounds, and he looked mighty dapper, if you don’t mind us saying so. We don’t care about all the gay rumors surrounding Will Smith (wink) because his movies are great.

With that being said, Who’s going to see his new movie when it “comes out”?

More pics of Will below.

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  • Nubian_Goddess is back from Venus



    a lot of those “rumors” about will are true

  • Talley-B

    will is cool, what he does in his personal life is what he does in his PERSONAL life…i could give a dam, as long as he put out awesome movies, i’m good…

  • Nubian_Goddess is back from Venus

    Err Uhhh, the men in that crowded photo with him look more suspect than he does… Touche’

  • joey bishop

    @Talley-B—->>>> how u doin?

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    “Seven Pounds”? What is it about? A gay man going on a diet? I’ll get it on bootleg!

  • lala#1

    This movie looks good.. This is Will’s last chance to keep me as a fan b/c I was disappointed with “I am legend” and “hancock”.

  • iluvprada

    The movie looks ok…however I am interested to learn how the title of the this movie really fits! Cause I was expecting it to be a little lighter with some humor than serious! I mean I’m just sayin…

  • boweesasx

    Seems I have seen this on some match place yet,You know the ideal place for Cougars and Young Men __ Sugar Mommy Match.C o m __ cute, hot , mellow, passionate, talented, lololo….. whatever u can come up with…

  • msgoodie goodie


    will smith is pure awesomeness

    he is just one supa dupa tripple AAA list star

    that always throws himself at his fans

    so down to earth

  • BE

    I am going to see the movie! I love Will’s movies!

    He does look good in that suit

  • Vinandi

    I am so going to see it! loves you Will and Jada! my fav celeb married couple!

  • Official TimeHater (I've found my smile again)

    Nothing like a fine man in a suit…I don’t think he’s gay, I think sometimes people just say shyt to say it. As for the swinger rumors, if Jada and Will do that and it makes their bond stronger, more power to them, my question is this; why doesn’t anyone give Mo’nique and her husband the same flack?

  • chaka1

    DVD, so I can fast foward…

  • yanib

    Will see it just because Will’s in it.

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