A “Lil Positivity”: San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis And Business Partner Antone Barnes Are Changing Perceptions, Changing The Game, And Empowering The Black Community

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Modern Class Design

Bossip: Okay, MCD, What was your inspiration that caused you to leave the music industry and pursue the interior design career and life style vs the music industry.

Antoine: To be honest with you, I have been in design for over 10 years, designing homes, I have designed my prior homes and friends and families and its something I have always been very intrigued by driven by for the past 10 years while I was in the
music industry because with design, I have always been a creative individual, I have always had that creative gene in me, even when I was in the music industry, I came in working for Roc-A-Fella, when people couldn’t even pronounce Jay-Z’s name.

I have always been driven by something that is different and not cookie cut. Even with the design company, that is what kind of made me loose the love for the music industry and really see the love I had for designing, lets be honest, the music that has come out the past for years hasn’t been that great, its been cookie cutter, people are following trends instead of setting them, the creative block is not how it use to be. With that being said, with the music industry dying the way that it is, I had to make a transition. Vernon was like a blessing because me and Vernon were friends prior to formulating this company. He was a rookie, and I would always bump into this guy at parties and concerts. We were building that bond, he’s a good dude, good people, By randomness, he came over to my house for a fight party, he was amazed at what he saw, like lot of people. I always knew that I could design but I didn’t think I could do it on a professional level. Your friends and family are always going to tell you the good stuff even though in their mind they may really being thinking this is just “okay”.

When I started getting outsiders saying things, Like people who would deliver things to my house, they would ask who designed your house? Outsiders would be in shock when they came to my house. So it was kind of planted at that time when Vernon came to my house. He was like, “Damn, who designed your house?” I was like, “I did”. He was like, “Get the hell out of here”. He didn’t believe. It brought some disbelief to him and he as kind of pissed because he just hired a white lady to design his house and she ripped him off. He came up with most of the scheme of the house but she made him pay all of this money. He was like, my brother, Vontae Davis, is about to get drafted, and when he buys his house, you are going to design it. I was thinking, “Yeah, Vernon, you are full of s***.” I was thinking I am not going to hear from him, I doubt it. Lo and behold, 9 months later, Vernon called me.

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