A “Lil Positivity”: San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis And Business Partner Antone Barnes Are Changing Perceptions, Changing The Game, And Empowering The Black Community

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Giving Back to The Community

Bossip: I was told, you guys are building a community reach room in a housing project in California

Vernon: Yes, we are redesigning a recreational center in the projects in Richmond California and we are going to do a few parts of the building. It’s not a huge building but its enough for the kids to do some studying and do some recreational activities. Its going to be something really special. I know the kids are really looking forward to it and we can’t wait. I know Antoine is even more excited than myself.

Bossip: It sounds like a lot of work, how did this come to be? Was there anything in particular that made you choose this place to want to put the MCD touch on it?

Antone: Our publicist brought this to our attention. He made a connection with Union Bank, which is one of the largest banks on the west coast and they are actually going to help part of the project. It’s in Richmond California, as we all know that is one of the top most five dangerous cities in the county. It’s no joke. With Vernon coming from Washington DC and I am coming from Jersey City, we both grew up with situations where are friends were getting murdered, jails, drugs, just all the downside of living in the inner city. To see where the DC and Jersey are now they the urban renewal project, the revival of these cities, unfortunately the people that were living there during the bad times, are getting pushed out and don’t get to enjoy the revitalizing of the neighborhoods, just because they are not in a certain tax bracket. We thought there was something wrong with that. Not everyone that lives in the ghetto or the project is a bad person, they just don’t have the money, so when you start pushing these people out and building these skies rises and condos, they just don’t have the money to afford to live there and you push them out, we saw something very wrong with that. MCD wants to give back to the community, because we both have truly been blessed. It doesn’t take a lot, just a little contribution of something to show these people, especially the kids of the community, we want to drive that and instilled that into these kids. Vernon is a prime example, he always loved art but he was kind of scared because he was a star athlete and even one would be like, you’re a painter? They knock you down if you want to do something different other than a rapper, athlete or a drug dealer. We want to instill that into the kids, its cool to be into art, it is cool to want to do interior design, its cool to design clothes. If you want to work on cars, or you want to be an eye doctor, or whatever, you don’t have to be a rapper! To be honest with you, the odds are against you, the percentage of you going to the NFL is very low, the percentage of you being a rapper is very low, there are other outlets for you, broaden who you are, don’t just be cookie cutter like everyone else.

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