Eff A Traveler’s Digest: 10 Countries With Beautiful BLACK Women

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black women Time to represent for our sistahs.. Traveler's Digest released a list of the countries with the hottest women, but it was missing some...um...melanin. So we decided to show some love to the women of color across the world that we wanted to give some shine to. So without further ado...10 countries with really hot Black women!
halle berry United States - First, this goes out to YOU. America has some fine Black women that we should acknowledge off the bat.
oluchi onweagba WENN Nigeria - West African's got some unbelievably beautiful chocolate women. West Africa FTW.
rihanna WENN Barbados - An island full of Rih Rihs? Yes, please.
milian WENN Cuba - There's a huge community of Afro-Cuban women that will take your breath away. Luckily, some make their way to Miami for us to admire. Christina Milian's parents are Cuban.
yendi phillips Jamaica - You just knew Jamaica had to get some love. Why is Jamaica such a huge destination? Yes, the drinks and scenery work out well. But the women make us keep coming back.
nicki Trinidad and Tobago - Another island with some beautiful women. Don't worry, they don't have all kinds of fake goodies like Nicki.
ethiopia Ethiopia - Beauty in the heart of civilization. If all women looked like this, no wonder civilization started around this area if you get our drift.
ghana Ghana - And on the other side of the Motherland are even more beauties. Queens, son.
brazil Brazil - When people hear "Brazil" they tend to forget about the huge Afro-Brazilian community that makes up so many of the beautiful women there. Yes, Adriana Lima is fine, but our Afro-Brazilians take the cake.

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