Groupie Tales PT. 2: Men That Love Their Fans…And Sometimes Get In Trouble For It

- By Bossip Staff Categories: Athletes & Hoes, Attention Slores, Baby Mama Drama
trey Groupies will get you in some deep doo doo... Last week we showed you Part 1 of our Groupie Tales. This time, we're going to highlight some men that always seem to be caught up in some groupie noise. Whether they're getting them knocked up or cheating on their boos with them...these men looooove them some groupies.
ray j Ray J - He made a whole show dedicated to his love of groupies. If that's not dedication we don't know what is.
lil wayne Lil Wayne - His groupie tales are legendary...but he knocked up a random chick he met at a show so that takes the cake.
drake Drake - Drizzy not only bangs groupies...he goes on and makes songs about them and damn near falls in love.
trey Trey Songz - Dude has no shame. He just takes a girl on stage, seduces her and tells the whole world he's going to bang her cakes off after his show is over.
cromartie Antonio Cromartie - He gets groupies and has plenty of babies. Nine so far.
kobe Kobe Bryant - Groupies cost him $75 million and two mansions. And almost sent him to jail!
magic johnson Magic Johnson - His groupie love had him end up with HIV. Good thing he's healthy now.
tiger woods Tiger Woods - He was texting and leaving voicemails for his groupies like it was all kosher. He didn't follow the player codes.

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