You’re Outta Here! Shaq Dumps Hoopz And Calls Security On Her To Get Her Things!

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We know Shaq likes to block, but this rejection is legendary!

SECURITY!!!! The romance between Shaq and fiancee Hoopz is over! Word on the street is that Shaq had his fun and was ready to move on. He broke the news to Hoopz two weeks ago and let’s just say she was not happy, ish got messy and security had to escort her out of the house.

“Hoopz got emotional, and Shaq had to protect himself [from a lawsuit] . . . so he left the house and had [his security] help Hoopz gather her things and leave.”

Via Vibe

Man, Shaq gave no fizzucks. That’s a shame. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane at Hoopz and Shaq in better times.

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