One In Every Family: Celebrity “Ugly Ducklings”

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keyshia cole The genes skip some people, unfortunately... Not everyone can win the genetics battle. Having a few attractive siblings is pretty difficult to pull off. But even when most of the family is hot, there's still one family member that doesn't quite cut it. So sad. With that said, here are the family members that stick out for being not exactly hot stuff.
khloe Khloe Kardashian - Poor Khloe. Kim and Kourtney are the hot Kardashians and Khloe gets the bad wrap.
kevin dillon Kevin Dillon - Matt Dillon is an actor and a heartthrob. His brother, Kevin? Not so much.
phoenix Joaquin Phoenix - His brother, River, was a straight-up sex symbol. He, though, is a bum.
jojo JoJo Simmons - Chicks love Diggy. Guys love Angela and Vanessa. No one loves JoJo.
haylie duff Haylie Duff - Hilary Duff's sister gets no love.
brandi cyrus Brandi Cyrus - Look at her right next to Miley. It's hard to watch.

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