Which One Would You Hit???

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LL Cool J and Joe were on the scene in NY last night requiring all the fellas to keep a watchful eye on their women. These experienced gents could probably teach a girl a thing or two, so which one would you hit?

Here are a bunch of pics from the New Yorkers For Children Wrap to Rap event.

A ton of pics are waiting for you when you…

These are pics from the Diamond Empowerment Fundraising event at Greenhouse.


  • dayg715

    LL, of course. it doesn’t get any hotter than him. and why does mario have his hands in his pockets the entire time? lol

  • Denise K

    LL all day long till I cant walk!!!

  • Cee

    Joe definitely, even though his looks aint all that I love his music, tell L.L. old wanna be young a** that its time for his jello.

  • Oshie - "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes, I'm ready to go...."

    LL looks like a ninja turtle in that jacket.

    Joe I guess…. although I saw about 5 better-looking dudes on the way to work.

  • Jay Jay III

    @ Encyclopedia Brown – man how ya’ll upload them pics on here?

  • MACK

    BOTH……….Im greedy….LOL

  • Raquel26


    Ain’t nobody touching my hubby, Idris Elba.

  • msgoodie goodie


  • sour grapes

    LL look “HOW YOU DOIN”

  • Nina Knows

    Joe I guess, since he got good music and swag…. But LL need to stop dressing like he’s in middle school.

  • cocosensationatl

    LL.. he is fine. Joe is a little slow


    LL if he weren’t married. And Joe only likes large hispanic women, so that counts me out………


    Hell No!! They both look like some Busters!!!

    But I loved Joe singing “BABY WHERE YOU ATTTT????”

    SideNote: Although Mario has a rather large head, he’s grown into a handsome man!!!

  • Oshie - "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes, I'm ready to go...."

    LOL @ Lacombe, you need to stop talking to Daywalker.

  • http://myspace.com/wyfy WyzePro -

    why these cats look retired?

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