Cheapskates: Celebrity “Jerks” That Left Horrible Restaurant Tips

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;ebron We can't even get 15 percent? That's messed up! Ask any waiter and they'll tell you that they love seeing celebrities in their section. Usually that means a hefty tip and some extra cash on the side. So you'd think that when you see a millionaire shelling big bucks then you'll get a good look. Ummm...not so fast. Some of these celebrities stiffed their tips and look like complete crassholes. Take a look at who the jerks are.
rachel Rachel Ray - She never tips 20 percent and usually leaves closer to 10. We get her trying to save money but she's got to help out.
diddy Diddy - Diddy once had a meal with 15 people at a swank restaurant...and only left $40.
bc Bill Cosby - Big grumpy Bill left $3 on a $350 tab. That's being a horrible Huxtable.
lj LeBron James - He's a d*ck. He left $10 on an $800 tab after making the steakhouse stay open until 4am.
penn Sean Penn - Rumor has it that Sean left not a single penny on a $450 tab down in the NOLA.
Mariah Carey - She is a notoriously difficult person. And she once made a restaurant stay open for her and her posse. After they made crazy demands, nobody left a tip.
usher Usher - He's notorious for leaving autographs as a$$.
streisand Barbara Streisand - She's rich and apparently a word that rhymes with it. While not only not being a big tipper, she's also very difficult to deal with.
madonna Madonna - She once left an $18 tip on $400 bill. You know you're richer than that.

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