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Big Boi looks like quite the GQ gentleman in that wool suit via Ralph Lauren Purple Label, of course. The entire ensemble looks fly, except for the purple ruby on his pinky finger. The jury’s still out on that one.

A couple more pics of Big Boi at the GQ Men of the Year Party below.

Shout out to Unsigned Man


  • Raquel26

    He does look nice here.

    One of the few that remain humble in the game.

    Thats what a good black woman and a family will do!

    Compared to the other folks who look washed up for messing with washed up hoes in the industry.

  • G Money

    Fine, chocolate, beautiful BIG BOI! What a way to start the morning.


    Very dapper…


    I like the purple ruby…it’s very Frank S.

    Did you guys know that rubies are rarer and more expensive than diamonds it’s just that diamonds are in demand so they jacked the prices up? Thanks rappers!!


    I LOVE Big Boi!!!!!

  • Vee

    Morning Peeps. He looks nice here. Only he can pull off that ring.

  • Pynk

    He’s sure grown up…

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Barack Obama Swag


    High Life…

    I do what I can :)


    1. Big Boi

    2. Frank Sinatra

    3. Mr. Vegas Wayne Newton…

    Not in any order of course…

    Hey Sweet Cheeks!!

  • Pynk

    can you see Andre wearing that suit?



    Yes, with rain boots and a feather hat or something :) Andre is a hottie

  • Oshie - "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes, I'm ready to go...."

    I love him. And his wife. In my head we have tea parties and play croquet. But in reality it’s just my malibu barbie and teddy ruxpin.

  • Nina Knows

    I’ve always dug Big Boi style. Plus Outkast is my fav rap group duo. Where’s my andre’3000


    Hey Nikki!!!

    I concur, Andre is a hottie!!!

    ..”I heard ya when you told ya girl ‘oooh he can get it'”… Thats my sh!t!!!

  • Doagae

    He looks great….the ring is fine too….

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