Strong Or Stupid? Women That Stayed By Their Men Despite TONS Of Cheating Rumors

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Famous Women That Stayed With Cheaters

Dirty dogs are all around. And women will stick with them. These men have been tagged with all kinds of cheating rumors, but the women they're with have ignored the talks and stuck with their men despite the evidence. How sweet!
alicia keys Alicia Keys - Swizz Beatz was allegedly dirty dogging and we even had the testimonial on this site! But Alicia kept her mouth shut and stayed with her boo.
savannah brinson Savannah Brinson - LeBron's boo knows where her meal ticket is. So she's stayed with him through every rumor. Even through rumors of him chopping down Ci-error!
beyonce Beyonce - People said Jay had other baby mommas and was even fooling around with Rih Rih. Bey ain't hearing that, though.
lala LaLa - Carmelo's always being accused of having jumpoffs...but LaLa doesn't care! She's as happy as can be.
karrueche Karrueche - She's going to stick with Breezy until he leaves her for Rihanna. Poor baby.
wiz Amber Rose - There were rumors of Wiz and Draya but that didn't stop Amber from putting a ring on it.
cassie Cassie - Diddy's been running around with Cameron Diaz but apparently that's not enough to dissuade Cassie from her love.
jess Jennifer Williams - She spent two seasons of Basketball Wives pining over her boo even though everyone knows he was cheating. Good thing she fiiinally left.
evelyn Evelyn Lozada - Chad's been accused of two-timing behind Evelyn's back but the wedding is still on!

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