Das So Precious: Lil Louis Bardo Is Bilingual Baby! Sandra Bullock’s Son Also Speaks German

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Sandra Bullock and son Louis Bardo Bullock seen dropping off her two year old son Louis at pre-school

Sandra Bullock’s 2-Year-Old Son Louis Bardo Bullock Speaks German

We knew our lil Cajun cookie was talented but this is pretty incredible!

SANDRA BULLOCK’s tot son Louis is a bilingual gabber as he wows with his German-speak!!

The Oscar winner’s cute-as-a-button 2-year-old is speaking in English AND Ger­man – the native language of Sandra’s late opera singer mother, Helga Meyer.

And the little linguist’s tal­ents have been a source of some major entertainment for the 47-year-old actress – he’s picking up phrases from his famous mom and repeating them when she least expects it!

“Whenever Louis is in Sandra’s arms and he sees a photographer about to snap a photo, he says: ‘Keine bilder!’” said a source. That means “no pictures” in German.

And when Sandra was out to lunch with good friend Matthew McConaughey recently, Louis tried to put a halt to the chat­ter by shouting: “Beruhigen Sie bitte!” That’s Ger­man for “quiet, please”!

“Matthew thought it was just baby-talk, but Sandra was in hyster­ics,” said the source. “She knows her mother was smiling down on the funny incident as well.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Sandy wants Louis to be fluent in three languages – French, English and German.

When he’s old enough, she’s planning on en­rolling him at Le Lycee Francais school – the same French-speaking school that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids have attended.

“Sandra wants the best language education possible for Louis and believes it will give him an ad­vantage later in life,” said the source. “But Sandra can’t en­roll him until he’s 3, so for now she’s looking to hire a French-speaking nanny and handling his German education herself.”

Can we just say again how much we adore this kid?


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