That’s Not Gangsta! A Gallery Of The Most Embarrassing Pictures Of Rappers

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Gallery Of Embarrassing Rap Pictures

These rappers can't run away from these pictures. Rappers love their personas as being the coolest guys around. But sometimes they slip up and release pictures that make us all scratch our heads. Okay, we don't scratch our heads as much as we just point and laugh at these guys. ...Just don't do it to their faces.
50 cent gq 50 Cent's GQ Magazine Cover
soulja boy 50 50 Cent And Soulja Boy's "To Catch A Predator" Reenactment
bow wow Bow Wow's Weird Man Hand
jay Jay-Z, Jay-Z Crockett, King Of The Wild Frontierrrrr
50 cent game 50 Cent and The Game's Kiss And Make Up
lil wayne Lil Wayne And Baby's Father-Son Love
dr dre Dr. Dre's World Class Wreckin' Do'
ja rule Ja Rule's Fallen Off Becky
suge Suge Knight's Knockout Night

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