Get Over Yourself: Men That Act Like They’re God’s Gift To Women

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Celebrities That Think They're God's Gift To Women

These guys need a little humility. Heartthrobs are all over for ladies to gawk at. But the best ones don't quite notice. These guys, though, are aware that the ladies want the drawls and they act like women would be lucky to get a taste. And generally, it makes us sick to see them act like that. You ain't all that!
taye Taye Diggs - He thinks that him not messing with Black women is some sort of national tragedy and all of them are pining for him. Wrong! Bum.
tyson Tyson Beckford - Tyson got gassed because he's hot and he's acting like he saved his current boo from a dumpster somewhere.
terrence howard Terrence Howard - He tries to keep that suave look about him and he even said he wants a woman that looks like him. She could probably beat him up, too.
trey Trey Songz - He brings women on stage and acts like it's a foregone conclusion he's chopping them down. Yuuuuup. Save that isht.
tyrese Tyrese - Dear Tyrese: women don't need your abuse of the English language telling women how to get a man. You gets no love for that.
drake Drake - His pouting lips and sad songs are attempts to appeal to the ladies. But all he can pull are former strippers and video hos.
terrence j Terrence J - He banged his co-star and now has a Victoria's Secret model. So he's always trying to turn up the sex appeal. We don't buy it.
jt Justin Timberlake - So rumor has it he only proposed to Jessica Biel to shut her up. The nerve! He should thank his lucky stars she wants him.

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