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These are pictures of Rihanna’s rehearsal for the American Music Awards. That apparent overbite and heavy @ss toupee don’t do much to take away her status as a definite banger.

We have a gang of pictures below from the rehearsal as well as a Halloween one with her and Breezy.

When you pop the hood we have that one of her, Breezy, and some Joes, hugged up…


  • Cologne Man

    I love her

  • Cologne Man

    I love her!!!

  • Oshie - Just call me Becky!

    Overbite? Who? The?

  • Lisa

    Looks like she’s going to use all the dramatics to show that she really can’t sing or dance, but she will and i do repeat SHE WILL look good!

  • dayg715

    judging from the pics, her performance looks like it’s gonna be something straight out of Janet Jackson’s ‘Rock Witchu’ tour.

  • Mock Rock Stardust(Mock Rock says give a hoot and don't pollute so if U are a garbage ass person please place yourself in the dumpster)

    I like her puppydough (or however U pronounce that word) hairstyle

  • whateva

    i like rihanna but she is always stealing someones style cuz that outfit she has on in the pic with chris is soo grace jones… so i dont understand what makes her so original..

  • sour grapes

    Rhi Rhi can get it, she’s in my top 3.. aint nothing like that Bajan Island coochie…. RHI come holla at Daddy grapes..

  • pm

    she will need more then fireworks and a corset when Bey step out there thighs and all, she better hope she dont go after her.


    I think she looks Fabulous!!

    I love her style!! Go Rhi Rhi!!!

  • GGGB

    Everyone doesn’t have to shuck and jive, I mean sing and dance to perform, you all know nothing of true art if you think that only singing and dancing makes a ‘performance’ brainwashed fools.

    And Jay had a shirt on like that at the nets game..hmmmmm.

  • msgoodie goodie

    ri ri looks great

    love the outfit

    o i love the hair

    love her poses

    love those shades

    love you rihanna

    this girl should be a model

    absolutely fabulous

  • Well I'll Say....

    rihanna really is..i hate to say it..ugly..she looks like a light skin frankenstein..her features are all wrong…yuck!

  • ATXChick


  • msgoodie goodie

    rihanna really is..i hate to say it..ugly..she looks like a light skin frankenstein..her features are all wrong…yuck-


    i guess ugly knows what ugly look like

    (ssshhh) yuck

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