Dirty Secrets: 10 Lies Men Tell Women That Women Don’t Want To Know The Truth About Anyway

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Dirty Secrets Men Hide

Don’t you want to pretend that your man is just a perfect angel? Well that requires you to suspend belief. Big time. There are some things that (almost) all men think, say or do that they’d hate for their wives or girlfriends to know about. So they come up with ways to gloss over the truth so everyone will be happy.

And ladies, it’s best if you just accept it and go along with the stories. Otherwise, you may be totally disgusted.


Lie 1: “I Hate Triple X Movies” – Are you kidding? Of course he loves them! Hot chicks doing things that you probably think are disgusting! What more is there to like? But of course he’ll tell you he hates it because you hate it and hate men that hate it. So he’ll continue to watch in private and you’ll be all the merrier.


Lie 2: “Threeways Are Overrated” – Sure, he hates the thought of two women doing what he enjoys getting from one woman. He loves double cheeseburgers, right? He loves threeways. But he won’t say it because it’ll gross you out. Or will it?


Lie 3: “Ew, Kim Kardashian” – Face it. He’d totally bang her.


Lie 4: “Strip Clubs Aren’t My Thing” – Okay, maybe he’s telling the truth. But only because he doesn’t have the money to make it rain. But if he did, he’d be throwing money on Drake’s exes every Friday and Free Wing Wednesday.


Lie 5: “No, you’re not costing too much money” – Yes, you are. But you’re worth it and he loves you. So he’ll do it. But if you found out how much he’s working to pay for you then you’ll want to jump off a cliff.


Lie 6: “I Can’t Wait To Get Married”- Yes, he can. He always can. But he loves you so he’ll get married. But nine times out of ten, he wasn’t looking to get hitched.


Lie 7: “What Tiger Woods Did Was Horrible” – Most guys, even if they’re faithful, understand that Tiger had pudaninny coming his way left and right. While women were disgusted, men kind of shrugged.



Lie 8: “I’m Not Really In To White Women” – Big lie. He’s into ALL women.


Lie 9: “Fake Body Parts Aren’t Appealing” – Yeah, right. All those dirty movies on his hard drive are full of body parts and if you said “hey, I want a boob job” he’d be on the first thing smoking to the surgeon.


Lie 10: “Sex Isn’t That Important” – YOU try withholding sex for a week and see how much he’s freaking out. He loves you and hanging out but that man wants some physical lovin’…even if you guys aren’t having sex yet.

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