The Tyra Desperation Files: Video Shows Tyra Banks Flirting with Ludacris, Lying

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Click here to watch Tyra flirt and lie on her show today.

Our friends at TMZ captured video of Tyra flirting with Luda and trying to rap on her show today. Tyra says she was only 13 when she wrote this rap. LMAO, according to Tyra, she had a weave and green contacts when she was only 13! How in the hell did she remember that, more than 2 decades ago if she is to be believed? Tyra’s desperatation continues by telling Luda “Just me and you baby”. Before Luda cuts her off, she wants to repeat “Just me and you baby” just in case Luda didn’t catch it the first time. I wouldn’t put it past Tyra to start inviting dudes she would consider dating for a calculated introduction. Interesting she was linked to Chingy today who has beef with Luda.

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