Narrowing It Down: Who Could Kanye Have Been Talking About When He Said “The Whole Industry” Tried To Chop Down Amber Rose?

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A History Of Men That Courted Amber Rose

When Kanye dropped his new song, everyone talked about him declaring his love for Kimmy Cakes. But he also said that everyone in the industry was trying to get with Amber when they broke up. Who could he possibly be talking about? Let's get to the bottom of it.
drake Drake - Almost immediately after the break up, Drake and Amber Rose were running around town. And Drizzy's made no secret about how much he loves banging other rappers' leftovers.
tyrese Tyrese - Ty got caught in a pickle when he thought he was emailing Amber Rose and wanted to meet up. Turns out, it wasn't even her!
reggie Reggie Bush - He's not an industry guy, but he was definitely down to chop down.
amare stoudemire Amar'e Stoudemire - He was also seen running around with Amber a few times in New York. It was pretty clear he was trying to chop.
rose ...Plus she was all in the sidelines checking out his games.
fab Fabolous - We don't know if he was trying to chop her down but he sure threw her in the video...
fab amber And they sure got cozy in it, too.
wizWENN Wiz Khalifa - Kanye actually said the only person he respected was Wiz...maybe because he manned up and was public about it.

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