Happy Belated Easter! A Gallery Of Super Hot Celebs Rocking Bunny Ears

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Celebrities Wearing Bunny Ears

Easter time has passed...but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the ladies that got in the spirit. Rule: Hot women make everything hot. Easy fact. And one thing that definitely counts is bunny ears. Something about them just makes us think they might show up in Playboy. Maybe that's why it's hot. Who knows? Either way, here are some ladies celebrating the Easter spirit.
bey Beyonce
khloe AP Khloe Kardashian
gwyneth WENN Gwyneth Paltrow
leola bell Leola Bell
(her bunny is in a special place) rachel mcadams Rachel McAdams
lohan Lindsay Lohan
(she's kind of wearing ears) holly robinson peete Holly Robinson Peete
braxton Toni Braxton
katy perry Katy Perry
kim kardashian Kim Kardashian
shakira Shakira

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