Don’t Be Ashamed: A Gallery Of Women That Men Are Embarrassed To Admit They’d Chop Down

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A Gallery Of Women Men Are Ashamed To Be Attracted To

We’ve all been there, right? That inevitable moment when a woman shows up on the television or passes you by at the mall and your girl asks: “you don’t find that attractive do you?” So what do you say?

“No! Of course not!”

But it’s a big, fat lie.

Ladies, here are some women your men are straight up lying about. Of course they’d chop these women down if given the choice. Whether they’re full of fake clothes, hoes or just nasty people. It’ll happen.


Nicki Minaj – She’s all fake body parts, so that’s disgusting, right? Didn’t you see her shaking it in that “Beez In The Trap” video? Case closed.

j woww

J-Woww – She’s trashy. She’s obnoxious. Who would like her? Um…any man that likes tittays.


Sarah Palin – She’s a MILF. And if your man is older than 50, he’ll give her the business. Point blank.


Phaedra – Lawyer? Check. Fatty? Double check. It may take some liquor but she could get it.


Paris Hilton – She’s an idiot and likes coke. But she did magical things in that adult video. Plus if your man grabbed some residuals you wouldn’t complain either.


Kim Kardashian – She’s hot. And you’re a hater if you don’t at least admit that. An attention sloring hottie but a hottie nonetheless.


Coco – She’s got more plastic parts than a Chevy but your man wants one good shot at that fakery.

shaneka adams

Sheneka Adams – You generally don’t want your man going anywhere Soulja Boy’s been. But she’s got the cakes to make a man weak.


Mya – She’s been alleged to be a jumpoff for many a rapper. But her thicky thickness cancels all of that out.

super head

Superhead – Well…you saw what she does to earn her name!


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