To Whom Do These Crusty Toes Belong?

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Madonna at the Truth or Dare by Madonna fragrance launch at Macy's

The feet you’re looking at belong to one of the most successful and highly acclaimed ladies in the music business. In other words, she definitely has enough money for regular pedicures. The entertainer whose hooves you’re looking at has decades of success under her belt and feet that pretty much have lived to tell the tale of all those days and nights of dancing on them. Can you guess who she is?

Madonna at the Truth or Dare by Madonna fragrance launch at Macy's

Madonna must have run out of time for a pedicure before heading to her Truth or Dare fragrance launch at Macy’s Thursday. For a woman who is a runner and a dancer, are Madge’s toes really that busted? Or should we leave her alone cuz it could be so much worse?


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