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Your Girl Beyonce/Sasha Fierce shot her new video in LA recently rockin some interesting looking spectacles and blowing up sh*t. We guess it’s her turn to do the whole “I’m a Bad Girl” steez now. SMH. More imagery below:

Peep more pics on the set of your girl’s new video right now…

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  • http://deleted judyseecan

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  • AzzedineAliaFan

    Oh sh** i guess she gotta try to be on the same page as Rihanna.

  • blklove

    rihanna has her own swagga beyonce has her own swagga the two will never be the same or attempt to be the same! YALL NEED TO STOP THAT ISH! JEEZ!

  • anonymous says

    she looks gorgeous who cares whether shes preggos or not she looks good!

  • sepia830

    She’s becoming a joke to me…

  • Just me

    Actually I wish I could just wake up and beyonce was gone.

  • Tricia

    Okay Rihanna was jacking Beyonce shortly after she was “Ponning the Replay”. I don’t see how so many people like her poser ass. When she first came out no one was hardly checking for her. Now she has a hair cut and went the whole “rockerstar” thing that was relevant at the time and she’s supposed to be so big. Kelis cut her hair too- a fly ass cut might I add. Fefe cut her hair also- same EXACT cut as Rihanna ( only she got before Rihanna’s camp started compositing a new image for her since reggae or R&B wasn’t getting her far)She can only be around with that “rockerchick” steez for so long anyway. It’s not who she really is and her highschool pictures and videos can prove that.

    And for the ones saying Beyonce needs to “change” her image. It’s who she is- that’s why she’s had the same image for so long. It’s easy for Rihanna to morph because she has no identity and will go with whatever others tell her to. Unless you are dumb and deaf Beyonce is clearly the better singer and dancer. She’s been out for over a decade with NUMBER one albums on ya’ll asses so she’s entitled to a “not so creative moment”.

  • CHEF

    Yall some HATERS! LOL and I love it!!!

    But u cant even compare Rihanna to Beyonce.

    Beyonce will kill that little girl in a heart beat and any other female artist!

    But what song is she doing to this video?

    Video seems interesting I guess…

  • ChiTown

    So she is a blond weave, I knew she was, she doesn’t know WHO she is that is the problem. Cause looks like that is the only style she can rock and its FAKE, what does that say, Im not a philosopher or nothing but it says something.

  • B


    Bday didn’t kill GGGB

    and we know who would win if they met up in a dark alley.

    Rihanna baby, Beyonce is the one seeming like the little girl lost.

  • statim08

    She needs those shades to cover up those aged eyes.

  • dayg715

    she’s such a dumbass. and whoever said she has become a joke now hit it right on the head.


    she needs to just hang it up and step out of Rihanna’s way.

  • Daywalker(A long distance from my girl, and I'm talkin on my cellular, She said that she was sorry and I said Yeah, the hell you were!!!)

    *Sending out a search party for Beyonce’s booty!!!!*

  • b'more

    video looks very stupid. no surprises there.

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