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Here is AK and Rihanna at tonight’s AMA’s.


Full coverage on Bossip the rest of the night. We will have troops on the ground at various after-parties, stay tuned.


  • Ronnie

    1ST keys

  • Mrs. Cav

    Look at me!!! I’m first!!! I’m first!!! For once, my life is important!!!


  • DC

    whoever gets a tan first….

  • :)

    Alicia :)

    pretty AND talented

  • What

    Alicia looks best in THE color of the season: purple.

    Rihanna looks like she’s took a tablecloth cut it up and cinched it in the back

  • Razzell Dazzell

    I have to go with AK, she looks like a grechen goddess. RiRi looks a bit ummmmmm…..cheap

  • Ronnie

    Mrs Cav

    I think I beat u being second is not bad

  • Knottmyhair

    A.Keys won that one….she looks nice in that color.


    I don’t like nobody’s outfit!!!!

  • cali

    Alicia is a fukcing GODDESS in that outfit.

    Hands down the best outfit.

  • britneybritney

    Rhianna is stupid gorgeous. and why is she so fly?

  • megan

    kanye needs some chapstick, vaseline, something on them gray looking things.

  • http://myspace.com/rairaib Raina Bee

    Does Alicia have something on her forehead well that looks retarded. Alicia’s dress is too formal,Rihhanna is more fun and free. So Rihanna looks better.


    AK on this one … i’d say egyptian goddess its all about silhouette , just because something is on the runway dont go putting it on that goes for rihanna … runway clothes belong on the runway, but she cud modify it later and turn it into something gorgeous…. take notes my friends

  • DEJA

    NEITHER .. who told alicia keys she was in africa? she gets on my nerves with her mother earth, im so deep – fake ass & Rhianna went from always fly, to weird to just plain stupid when she dress now. People try to so hard to be individual that they just go overboard. Rihanna dress looks like it got caught in some kind of shredding accident and they tried to salvage it anyway and since when did wearing styling her hair up like a poodle become hot? I will make a small concession though .. Alicia’s dress is on point. Very elegant.

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