Cheaper To Chop Her: Men (And Women) That Got Caught Trying To Pay For That Poon

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matt barnes

Celebrities Caught Ordering Prostitutes

Sigh. It's about time people legalize prostitution. But since it's not, people get caught red-handed and face some penalties and embarrassment whenever it happens. It's hard to imagine that celebrities have to pay for the pooty tao but they do. Take a look at celebs that tried to pay for the goods.
em Eddie Murphy - He got caught with a tranny in his whip. And, y'know, ew.
hugh grant Hugh Grant - Can't forget his similarly stupid decision and getting caught with a dude in his truck.
spitzer Eliot Spitzer - He tried to get rid of prostitution then got found out as a frequent flier at his favorite brothel.
barnes Matt Barnes - The gossip world was abuzz when a certain Candy Supathroat or Megahead or Uberdome or whatever her name was went to twitter to blast Matt Barnes for receiving her sloppy top.
tw Tiger Woods - Who wasn't he trying to bang?
a r0d Alex Rodriguez - He was supposedly on the same list as Eliot Spitzer. Why get prostitutes when you're banging Cameron Diaz?!
ne-yo Ne-Yo - He snapped a picture of himself with a transvestite hooker. We're sure it was just a mistake. *Cough*
sss Obama's Secret Service - They put national security in danger for $50 blowjays.
d'angelo D'Angelo - Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Every lady wanted to give him the business now he's paying for some action.

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