Must Be The Dough: Seemingly Unbreakable Relationships That Got Destroyed Over Money!

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Unbreakable Relationships Broken Up By Money

We're not sure if it was Diddy or Moses that coined the phrase: "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems." He wasn't lying. As it seems that so many couples and friends break up over something as simple as money. But it happens! Take a look at the relationships that fell apart thanks to the almighty dollar.
jlo marc J Lo and Marc Anthony - Marc was controlling and hated how J. Lo wouldn't control her spending. That drove a wedge in their marriage.
will jada Will and Jada - They almost split based on trying to figure out what to do with Willow and Jaden's careers and money. That's not right.
lmf LMFAO - The duo is in the middle of a nasty dispute over millions of dollars. They can't just share the wealth?
loh Lindsay Lohan and Family - Lohan and her own parents split over money. That family can't get right anyway.
diddy Diddy and Everyone - Diddy fights and splits with everyone he signs. It's a fact of life. And it's always a money thing, too.
hot boyz Hot Boyz - They essentially broke up because Baby wasn't paying enough money. Figures.
jay dame Jay-Z and Dame Dash - They ruined their whole Roc empire over money. Poor Dame.
pac suge Tupac and Suge Knight - Right before Pac died, he and Suge were having issues based on Pac not getting enough for his work and albums. We're sure that had nothing to do with him getting killed.

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