Lil Wayne and Baby Address Gay Rumors on Hot 97 Angie Martinez Show: It’s a Mafia Kiss, Football Players Do it

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The picture that kicked the rumors into second gear is shown on the video. Lil Wayne addresses the kissing around the 4:00 mark. SMH at Lil Wayne saying your not gangsta or from the “neighborhood” if you don’t understand two grown male rappers, non-blood related, kissing on the mouth. Lil Wayne cites New York Giants coach Bill Parcells for it being ok for male on male mouth kissing but what Lil Wayne doesn’t know is that Bill Parcells is alleged to be a gay coach! Not the best example to support your manhood Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne: “[It’s the] Black Mafia, if they don’t understand that, they ain’t gangsta. I just watched TV, and Bill Parcells [Dallas Cowboys coach] kissed two and three of dem boys, He kissed T.O., Jerry Porter kissed Bill Bill Cower, it’s a Mafia thing.”

“If anybody think I’m gay, come test me. I light you up. I probably smash your girl…twice! Her and her best friend.”

On the show, Lil Wayne says BG and Juvenile used to kiss them on the mouth as well but the only reason their bringing the kissing stuff up is Lil Wayne and his “Daddy” are rich now. SMH. Juvenile has denied he was with the “man on man” kissing. To hear Juvenile talk about the kissing, watch the video below. Wonder what would happen if Lil Wayne told Baby he won’t kiss him on the mouth anymore and that he is too damn old.


  • http://yahoo kekedadon

    I love u Weezy F. Baby!!!! F*** them haters and just get back to da money…

  • yanira

    i want to know why has anyone even asked lil wayne why in the blue hell is he wearing a ring on his left hand…i hope is not married….cause that would be a damn shame…cause hes gonna marry the wrong woman…and he hasnt met me yet

  • D

    Everyone is just a hater. Weezy is the best rapper alive. period. you disagree? lets see you rap better than him.

  • j.yeak

    haaayters are gonna hate. and playas are gonna play. hopefully weezy ain’t gay, still got love for ’em tho

  • a-baby

    lil wayne is not gay he is hot and the best rapper ever

  • erica

    hey baby hatters gone be hatters we all people know you n yo right hand man is not GAY.

  • dizzz.

    who cares if he’s gay…. he probably is… and no he does NOT look good. damn, get some glasses with your blind self.


    Weezy aint gay!!@!!! Ya’ll need to calm down!!!!!!!! people who say this shit prolly just guys who WANT him to be gay so they can get a piece of that, HEARD? WEEZY . AINT. GAY. AND BABY is the one who want them to kiss aint waynes fault.

  • http://bossip charles

    weezy is not gay you bastards

  • http://bossip charles

    weezy and bman father lick son

  • K Da Boss

    Ya’l h8rz Weezy is himself he kisd a man so wat! Britney kisd Madonna so wat! dats 4 de limelyt u bastards dey wan keep on e headlynz…

  • miss boss lady

    weezy’s sooooo gay, i’m not disappointed though, it’s not like he’s cute or anything so the guys can have him……

  • tangosia

    chicks kissing chicks is HOT. dudes kissing each other is SILLY.

  • TeAyre

    fuqk everybody tht say wayne ihs qay….yawl muthafuqkas bhe awl hys d**k & bhe rockinq to hys music….wayne ihs tha best rapper alive & qone continue tah bhe tha best…so awl ihm sayinq qet awf hys shxt & quit hatinq awn hym period point blank i love dwayne michael carter jr & thts mha fav rapper ihn tha world FUQK LIL WAYNE’S HATERS HAHAHA & HE STILL GETTIN MONEY BIXTCHES

  • Lil' Wayne

    Hey yall dis Wayne i got a confession. Me and Baby have been married for years now. We went to Canada to have a homosexual marriage. Dats why me and Toya broke up…Duh. So what If im gay I still make money, and my boo Baby do too! See I rhymed yall said i couldnt rhyme.Anyways Stop being homophobic

    Gay PRIDE
    -D’Wayne Michael Carter III

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