Where’d Our Childhoods Go? A Gallery Of All Our 90s R&B Stars That Fell Off…Super Hard

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90s R&B Stars Whose Careers Fell Off

Didn't we love the 90s? It was full of awesome clothes, dope TV shows and the best music. Unfortunately, our favorite music stars haven't stood the test of time. It seems like all of the best R&B stars from the 90s should have just gone away and chilled right around the year 2000. Sadly, they've stuck around. And they've done nothing but embarrass themselves since. Sigh...how the mighty have fallen.
mary Mary J. Blige - She was the teflon Don and untouchable through most of her career. Then one chicken commercial damn near ruined it all.
jodeci Jodeci - Jail, drugs, passing out on stage. Yup, that's how a group falls apart.
bmc Brian McKnight - We're still confused by him trying to teach women the makeup of their vaginas. Now he's the creepiest man alive.
debarge El DeBarge - He had a long bout with nasty drugs. He's seemed to recover despite drug deal allegations.
brown Bobby Brown - We all know about Bobby's downfall. Those drugs ain't no joke.
sisqo Sisqo - Actually, all of Dru Hill went off the deep end. But Mr. Thong Song had an especially rough time. What's he even doing these days?
l hill Lauryn Hill - Her first album was a classic. Then the wheels fell off in a fiery flame of clown suits, raspy voices and cults.
r kelly R. Kelly - You probably don't want to pee on teenagers if you love your career.
tlc TLC - Left Eye passed. Chili went crazy. T-Boz decided to enjoy the married life. We still miss TLC though.

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