Let’s Be Honest: The Craziest Celebrity Lesbian Rumors Of All Time

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Craziest Celebrity Lesbian Rumors

Who doesn't like a little experimenting? These ladies allegedly do. According to prevalent rumors and first-person stories, these ladies have been linked with other ladies and supposedly played a few games for the home team. We're not sure how true all of these "relationships" were, but we sure wouldn't mind getting a peak at some of the raw footage. Nahmsayin?!
ak Alicia Keys - People had been waving the rainbow flag in Alicia's direction for years and marrying Swizz only calmed it down for a bit. Some still think she's in hiding.
mariah Mariah Carey - You think it's true her and Da Brat were getting it in during the 90s. Buy it?
keri Keri Hilson and Missy - Rumors called them lovers before Keri blew up.
trina Trina - Rumors had Missy turning her out, too.
zoe saldana Zoe Saldana - As a kid, she was a tomboy so people assumed she was a lesbian. That really hot scene she did with Mila Kunis didn't help either.
oprah gayle Oprah and Gayle - Secret loverssssss yeah...that's what they areeeee!
shaunie Shaunie O'Neal - Her and Shaq's first break up was allegedly over some female extramarital affair she was having. Damn, that's some crazy isht.
michelle rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez - She had to deal with numerous lesbian rumors coming up probably (unfairly) due to her tough persona.
latifah Queen Latifah - We can agree this is just a rumor, right? Right. *cough*
aubrey Aubrey O'Day - She's into anything...so we bet she's done some experimenting.

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