Dolled Up Disasters: The Worst Celebrity Make-Up Fails

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Celebrity Make-Up Fails

Applying make up is one of those tricky things that get women (and some men, we guess) all kinds of tripped up. It’s so easy to make a huge mistake. You can put on too much lipstick. Too little of something. Or just eff up all the way and look like Krusty The Clown. These usually prim and proper celebstresses came out looking quite rough and of course cameras were there to catch them on their off days.


Christina Aguilera

aubrey o'day

Aubrey O’Day


Kim Kardashian – Look at those caked up wrinkles!

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman


Catherine Zeta Jones


Lindsay Lohan


Nicki Minaj

jessica bielWENN

Jessica Biel

tammy grimesWENN

Tammy Grimes (AHHHH!!!!)

pam andersonWENN

Pamela Anderson

j loWENN

J. Lo


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