You’re The Worst: The 10 Biggest A-Holes In Sports

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The 10 Biggest Jerks In Sports

Athletes get a bad rap sometimes. People say they’re cocky. Arrogant. Money hungry. Most of the time it’s not true. But sometimes, yeah, these guys are total jerks.

Want examples? Take a look at the 10 biggest jerks in sports.


Michael Jordan – He’s one of the biggest jerks in NBA history. He’s punched opponents, insulted teammates and is a cocky son of a gun.


Kobe Bryant – He’s the cockiest mofo around. Just ask Shaq.


LeBron James – Maybe his bad attitude is just covering up for his receding hairline.


Floyd Mayweather – Ugh. Just ugh him.


Andrew Bynum – You see him lay out tiny Barrea last year? And he apparently parks in handicapped spots, too.


Tiger Woods – He’s mean to everyone and even walks out on restaurants without paying. Plus he wears d-bag shirts.

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Ben Roethlisberger – So, um, he kind of maybe tries to rape chicks. So there’s that.


Reggie Bush – He just comes off like a jerk, and the way he did Kimmy Cakes didn’t help.


Antonio Cromartie – You can’t have all those babies and baby mommas and not be some sort of a questionable person.


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