Post-Coital Pics: Candids Of Celebrities That Look Like They Just Got Through Getting It On

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kim ray j

Celebrities That Look Like They Just Had Sex

Who else loves that after-do-it glow?

These celebrities got caught in some precarious positions with post-coital pictures sent around for the world to see. Usually after doing it the only person that sees our faces are the people we’re with. But these celebrities had their isht put on blast. More fun for us!


Chris Brown – He’s wearing Rih Rih’s panties on his head so he prolly beat it up snuggled with her.


Rihanna – And here’s a picture Rihanna took around the same time, so this is probably after their post-sex shower.

kim ray j

Kim Kardashian and Ray J – This literally happened right after they had sex. We saw the evidence!


Gloria Govan – Caught in the bed of some Black Wall Street tweeds carrier and having it blasted on Twitter is not a good look.

lil wayne

Lil Wayne – Damn, this groupie beat him to sleep.

katy perry

Katy Perry – Her ex-husband took the picture after a morning romp…possibly.


Beyonce – She probably didn’t just finish getting it on. But this is probably what she looks like right after. Save this to your desktop.


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