Beyotches Ain’t Isht: Phoenix Woman Popped For Faking The Breast Cancer Funk To Raise Funds For New Fun-Bags

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There is a special place in flat-chested Hell for this trick.

Phoenix Woman Arrested For Faking Cancer To Get Breast Implants

A Phoenix woman has been charged with fraud and theft after allegedly telling people she had cancer and needed treatment when in fact she just wanted the money to pay for breast implants.

According to cops, 27-year-old Jamie Lynn Toler told her former boss — and even her own mother and grandparents — she needed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction and didn’t have insurance.

They all chipped in, authorities say, and helped Toler organize fundraisers that pulled in more than $8,000.

Medical records obtained by Mesa police show she didn’t have cancer and paid a plastic surgeon with the cash.

Toler was arrested Wednesday and released on bond the next day after a brief appearance in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Really??? We’re D-cups REALLY that important to you?!?! SMFH

via RadarOnline

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