ChitChatter: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mamas Spill The Beans On Abuse, Other Women And Their Exes’ Bromance!!!

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PD: Both 50 and Floyd are publicly with other women…how does that make you feel?

ST: 50 still won’t admit to me he is dating her (Daphne Joy). He won’t talk about her or them dating. He does NOT acknowledge her to me, Crazy! She will learn. (Laughs)

JH: Ms. Dade, as in Dade County, Florida, where she’s from (Shantel Jackson) is in it for the money. She is controlled. Let me tell you how crazy it all is… they just announced on the radio that they are getting married on my birthday! C’mon…he knows what he’s doing and what type of woman agrees to that?

PD: Would you sleep with 50 again?

ST: No, he’s hard enough to get rid of, that would just make it worse.

PD: Would you sleep with Floyd again?

JH: Yes, but only if he had a drink first. Sober Floyd is boring and I like to have fun in bed!

These ladies are pretty ballsy, but do you think they’ll end up paying a big price for saying so much???



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