*Exclusive* Fight at The Dirty Awards: Shawty Lo vs. T.I

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Things took a turn for the worse at Radio One’s fourth annual Dirty Awards last night and Bossip was there to witness all of the foolishness.

The beef between Shawty Lo and T.I. seemed far from dead. Shawty Lo performed a few randoms before he and his crew (of about 10) broke into an impromptu diss version of Grand Hustle artist Yung LA’s song “Ain’t I.”

As Lo performed his version with a chorus “Don’t I,” an audience member identified by an eyewitness as Capitol recording artist Alfamega, allegedly threw a chair onto the stage. At that point, Yung LA and Big Kuntry rushed the stage and started throwing blows. Authorities broke the fight up rather quickly and escorted everyone off of the stage. Big Kuntry was later seen in the back of a Clayton County squad car on his cell phone. Most likely setting up his bail money for the night.

T.I. took the stage shortly after the fight to accept the humanitarian of the year award and addressed Shawty Lo’s antics in his speech. A private conversation took place between T.I. and Shawty-Lo, where T.I. tried to dead the beef once again. Hear the speech and read the recap of the SECOND FIGHT after the jump.

T.I.’s Speech

Shortly thereafter, however, a second fight broke out as T.I. performed his verse from “Ain’t I,” allegedly substituting some lyrics with verbal jabs at Shawty Lo, with whom he has had an unpleasant relationship throughout the year.

Towards the end of the performance, another member of the Grand Hustle camp allegedly jumped off stage and assaulted a man witnesses said was Shawty Lo’s brother.

Police officers then halted the awards show, using pepper spray to end the fight. While the Dirty Awards audience was immediately evacuated, witnesses say other altercations may have occurred outside of the event.

Coonery at it’s best.



  • JOEY B


  • adriana lima's #1 stan!

    wow :shock:

  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    These people have no morals

  • da darkess

    Just think what if cats could just think? “if you got a gun up in your waist please don’t shoot up the place. Cause i see some ladies tonight that should be having my bey bay bey bay uhh” the Notorious B.I.G.

  • Bozo D. Clown

    Yes we can… Continue to act a damn fool at every turn!

  • Aunt Viv

    Grow up people!

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper ( The Delicious○☻♣) Ms Sugar Walls♥♥♥♥

    shawty lo, sucks ass!

  • southern sway

    TI is the badest and Shawty Lo need to step the fukk back with his ugly self.

  • rayrayischillin

    This is embarrassing!!!! Why are people standing on top of tables at the awards show? That’s beyond GHETTO!!!! No home training what so ever!!! I don’t even know who Shawty Lo is but that rapping beef BS is beyond immature. Isn’t today a new day when we usher in our first Black President? :-\

  • Dr. Winkie

    Just as hip-hop was ridding itself as the reason of violence in society, these fools have to act like this.


  • jazi


  • jonathan

    ghetto ass fools.these rappers are putting us back 60years.where is martin luther king when you need him

  • Oshie - Hay Kanye! I see you! Waddup!

    I’m changing my name to Big Kunty.

  • bamaluvbamaluv

    What the hell is the “Dirty Awards”?

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