Mother Of 15 Pregnant With Her 16th Child Tells Tale Of Being Tased By One-Time At Her Hotel With All Of Her Kids [Video]

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What kind of ghetto mess is this?:

A woman who is eight-months pregnant with her sixteenth child is claiming police brutality after she says Tampa officers used a stun gun on her. Tampa police arrested Angel Adams, 39, this week and charged her with battery on a law enforcement officer after a scuffle when police came to her home to talk to one of her sons. She says the stun gun endangered her life — and the life of her unborn child. Adams, 39, first made headlines two years ago when she was evicted from her apartment, then moved into a small motel room with 12 of her 15 children. Her story angered many when she angrily demanded, “Somebody needs to pay for all of this.”

Turn the page and watch this mush mouth tell you… “somebody gotta pay!”

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