Maybe Quit Your Day Job: A Gallery Of People That Tried Out Music And Didn’t Suck Too Badly

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People Who Tried Music As A Second Gig

Everyone wants to be a musician. We all think we can sing until that fateful day when someone lets us know our voices suck. That doesn’t stop famous people from trying, though. And usually their attempts are chock-full of fail. But other times they actually sound decent. Here are some famous people that tried to make music…and it worked!


Scarlett Johansson – She does everything, doesn’t she. On top of her kick-a$$ performance in Avengers, she also has a pretty smooth little folk band going for her.


Amanda Diva – She went from Nickelodeon to the booth and was kinda dope every step of the way.


Drake – Wheelchair Jimmy done made it!


Zooey Deschanel – Of course this hipster makes music…she has a decent singing voice too.

rosario dawson

Rosario Dawson – She’s dabbled and what we’ve heard was pretty solid. Remember her from The Love Below?

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson – Remember that the world first saw her as Penny. Ms. Jackson didn’t come until later.

jack black

Jack Black – Yup, Kung-Fu Panda has a hilarious comedy rock band that’s super popular.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon – His music wasn’t horrible, was it? It could have been worse…he could have been Serena Williams.

don glover

Don Glover – He’s a comedian, actor and cool guy. Plus he’s a well-respected rapper in the game.


Shaq – Hey, he went platinum a few times. Which is better than we can say for some of you other struggle rappers out there.


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