When The Checks Stop Coming: A Gallery Of Celebrity Bankruptcies

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Celebrities That Went Bankrupt

Money ain't a thang...or is it? Celebrities face the crunch from the IRS harder than us regular folk a lot of times. They spend money on houses and cars, then suddenly it goes away and Uncle Sam still wants his cut of the pie. When that happens, celebrities' only choice is to go bankrupt. Which means they'll still be richer than you, but they need some help. Here's a list of celebrities that went bankrupt and the year they felt the government's wrath.
trump Donald Trump - 1991, 1992, 2004, 2009
braxton Toni Braxton -1998, 2010
sinbad Sinbad - 2009
gary coleman Gary Coleman -1999
marvin gaye Marvin Gaye - 1970s
mc hammer MC Hammer - 1996
isley Ron Isley - 1995
latoya jackson Latoya Jackson - 1995
chaka khan Chaka Khan - 1997
tyson Mike Tyson - 2003
tlc TLC - 1995

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