Divorce Drama: NFL Legend Barry Sanders And Soon To Be Ex-Wife Battle Over His Fortune And Child Custody

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Divorce season is truly underway folks…

Barry Sanders and his wife are NOT playing nice in their divorce — the couple is butting heads over EVERY conceivable point of contention … including money and custody … TMZ has learned.

The NFL legend filed for divorce from his TV anchor wife Lauren Campbell-Sanders back in February … but proceedings hit a rough patch because the two couldn’t agree on how to divvy up their stuff.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … Barry and Lauren recently went to a mediator to help work out their issues … but it was a total failure.

The docs show the two are still battling over all 5 major issues in any divorce — custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support and property.

The judge has now ordered take a 2nd shot at settling their beef before resorting to a full-blown messy, expensive trial.

The two were married back in 2000 and have 3 minor children together.

We just hope these two can get it together for the sake of their children, because as we have seen recently *looks at Deion and Pilar*… divorce drama can get messy!


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