Small Packages: A Gallery Of Tiny Men That Still Get The Ladies

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kevin hart

Gallery Of Short Male Celebrities

Ladies get your minds out of the gutter.

They say that the best things come in small packages. These men may not be big, tall beasts like others out there. But these guys still pull some lovely ladies even though they’re not the tallest around. And, let’s be clear: Anything shorter than 5’8″ is short. Sorry to break it to you, guys.


Jermaine Dupri – He’s only 5’4″ but he was able to take the lovely Janet Jackson to the chop shop. Lucky bastard.


Kevin Hart – He’s 5’5″ and keeps a lady on his arm despite his recent divorce.

diggy simmons

Diggy Simmons – He’s still got some growing to do but he’s only 5’3″ now. He’d need a hell of a growth spurt.


Lil Wayne – He’s 5’6″ but we know that the man has the fertility of a thousand lands.

bow wow

Bow Wow – He’s somewhere around 5’7″ but he’s always with a woman that’s taller than he is.


Ludacris – He says he’s 5’8″. *side-eye*


Tom Cruise – He’s also listed as 5’7″. But he’s always with taller chicks too. Maybe date Lil Kim or something.


Floyd Mayweather – He’s supposedly 5’8″ but some have tried to peg him at 5’5″. And Lord knows he pulled a dime.


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