Stop The Violence: An Unfortunate Gallery Of Black Folks That Have Been Beaten Or Killed By Police And “Authority” Figures

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SMFH It seems that every year we get several sad and shining examples of people of color (mostly Black) that are egregiously beaten, shot, and or killed at the hands of one of the country's police departments. Take a look at some of the cases that have been brought to national attention over the past 10 years or so. The majority of these officers did not receive any jail time for their actions. The sad thing is, this list is very short and it's STILL too many...
Timothy Thomas The 19 year-old was shot dead in Cincinnati on April 7, 2001 when an officer thought he was reaching for a gun while running through an alley.
Danroy Henry Henry was killed on October 17, 2010 when a police officer shot him through the windshield of the car after being asked to pull away from a fire lane.
Oscar Grant Mr. Grant was killed in front of several witnesses in an Oakland train station by a BART officer after he had already been cuffed and restrained.
Rodney King Mr. King's beating by the LAPD was one of the first to ever be caught on camera, and the riots that ensued from the Police acquittal helped America understand that "justice for all" was just a dream.
Amadou Diallo The 23 year-old, unarmed, New Guinean was shot and killed February 4, 1999 after NYPD officers fired 41 shots at him when he attempted to pull out his wallet.
Abner Louima Mr. Louima suffered torture at the hands of NYPD officers after being arrested, beaten, and finally sodomized with a toilet plunger.
Timothy Stansbury Jr. (pictured is Timothy Stansbury Sr.) Shot "accidentally" by police on a Brooklyn rooftop as he was trying to go to his friends house.
Sean Bell Bell was shot and killed on November 25, 2006, the night before his wedding, when the NYPD fired 50 shots into the his car after leaving a strip club for his bachelor party.
Kenneth Chamberlain Chamberlain was killed by police in New York after his medical alert device accidentally went off. Officers kicked in his door, tasered him, then shot him to death after he insisted that he was not having an emergency and did not need help.
Kathryn Johnston On November 21, 2006 92 year-old Kathryn Johnston's home was raided as part of a drug sting operation. When officers entered her home she greeted them with a shot, and they returned fire 39 times.

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