Good Frisbees: The 10 Worst Albums Of The Last 10 Years

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Worst Albums Of The Last 10 Years

Making a good album is hard. It's tough to pull off. Making a legendarily horrible album is much, much easier. Which is why it was difficult to come up with just 10 of the worst albums to drop in recent memory. But we definitely found a way to pull it off. Which meant listening to horrid music, too. So here they are: the 10 worst albums.
flavor flav Flavor Flav - Hollywood -- Flav is a rap legend. But his solo outing after his reality show made Chuck D want to disown him.
kfed Kevin Federline - Playing With Fire -- It's K-Fed. And only his family bought the damn album. And for good reason.
soulja boy Soulja Boy - Deandre Way -- Anyone else kind of glad that Soulja pretty much quit rapping? This was a horrible album.
gucci vnasty Gucci Mane and V-Nasty - BAYTL -- Gucci tatted ice cream on his face and it all went drastically downhill after that. Getting V-Nasty's non-rapping a$$ doesn't help.
paris Paris Hilton - Paris -- Paris Hilton has no talent except for giving slightly mediocre blowjays. Music is no exception.
fergie Fergie - The Dutchess - She totally spelled "Duchess" wrong, so there's that. And she made a bubblegum pop album that sounded like baby elephants dying.
lil kim Lil Kim - Black Friday -- Her horrible response to Nicki Minaj was as bad as the Photoshop job.
carter 4 Lil Wayne - Carter IV -- There was absolutely nothing good about this album. Ugh.
ying yang Ying Yang Twins - U.S.A. -- Remember the "Whisper Song?" Yeah, this was the only decent thing about this album.
nelly Nelly - Sweat/Suit -- "Hey, I can't wait for Nelly's country album." - Nobody

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