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The Rock was seen signing autographs outside a New York City hotel today. In a recent interview he admitted he’ll never put the wrestling undies on again and return to the ring:

I had the opportunity to wrestle with the best – Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Undertaker and Bill Goldberg. But once I wrestled all the guys I wanted to wrestle, I realized that I couldn’t grow any more with wrestling. The reason people still ask if I’m coming back is because I never made a big production of my retirement like a lot of guys do. I just wanted to quietly get out. I quietly walked away.”




  • I Stay SMH

    I will see you shortly after 3 PM

  • I Stay SMH

    yeah they can keep the rock.

    as 80 would say RETURN TO SENDER

  • Creole Princess

    He’s a cutie, but is it me or does his head look too small for his body.

  • Super Man Dat Hoe

    i don’t like dis new comment thing it sucks

  • Nique

    …hell naw

  • smartarse

    I must say that a tall, strong, and self-assured man makes me turn my head….and honey…I’m bout to break my damn neck…..

  • Nikki

    This is a nice looking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trouble

    Dwayne is yummy!

  • Angie

    He is pretty hot, but he has to take it easy on the tattoos. He has so many now and I think it just makes him look dirty.

  • Berripii

    He looks a lil’ pasty to me. Hmm.

  • Lili

    He could give me the people’s eyebrow anytime…

    j/k, j/k…Naw though, I used to love that man. When I was about 12 or 13, I almost died when I heard he had a wife! lol

  • Kizz My Azz

    Is he wearing Make Up??



    DO TELL…

  • lucky meh

    not feelin this one


  • richie

    That’s all right. All you haters can kick him straight to me! purrrr…..

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